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We play jazz.

Nikol Kotrnetzová – singing

A singer with a engagement at Brno City Theater, sings and cooperates with several local musicians.

Pavel Novotný – saxophone

Saxophonist, former Eminent band leader, now a boundless jazz lover.

Michal Smrčka – piano

Previously solo player and bar pianist, in last years concentrating on Jazzy Talking band.

Květoslav Jagoš – bass guitar

A singer and bass guitarist who traveled halfway through the world with bigbeat, rock and pop. Now in love with jazz.

Jonáš Lobpreis – drums

Our drummer, also a member of several other jazz bands and percussion lecturer.

Petr Bača – sound


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4. 12. 2016 – Koncert Městské divadlo Znojmo
17. 12. 2016 – Koncert Dobšice
21. 03. 2017 – Jazzový poetický večer (Znojemská Beseda)
17. 06. 2017 – private event
24. 06. 2017 – private event
If you are interested in seeing us in your place or if you have a question, please contact us:

Michal Smrčka
+420 608 124 686

Znojmo, Czech republic